Jacobs Ladder and the Antenna of the Temple

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Jacobs Ladder and the Antenna of the Temple (Human Body)

Ancient monuments and temples appear to have been designed to harness cosmic and terrestrial forces. They functioned like a transceiver.

pyramid satellite – All-That-Is Waving in Resonance with the Vibes, By Llan Starkweather, PG 56

pyramid resonatepyramid antenna

resonant cavity

The cosmic energies of the heavens above are sometimes channeled into the buildings and megalithic structures of earth using an antenna-like conical structure (i.e. a Spire). On ancient religious architectural buildings like the stupa or pagoda, the mast/yasti/horin is the conical structure that functions as the antenna of the building.

pagoda antenna stupa = pagoda stupa quote yashti antenna

The mast (yasti) of the stupa, which represents the cosmic axis, functions like an antenna that channels the aether (celestial) energy from the heavens into the earth. The heavens are represented by the chatras/umbrellas that are on the mast.

mount meru antenna signal stupa antenna axis mundi

The keystone of the structure, which is the mast (yasti) of the stupa or the axis mundi of the building is like the spine of the temple’s body.

stupa antenna pagoda central pillar The pagodas of the far east, which were developed from the stupa, often have a central pillar/shimbashira built into the center of the structure. These pillars, like the spine of the human body, are able to bend in order to absorb the natural forces acting upon building (strong wind & earthquakes).

spinal cord pagoda

The bending of the spine of the pagoda is derived from the knowledge that came to the Far East from India and India derived it from the Egyptians/Aryan Scythians/Israelites. The spine of the pagoda and the pagoda itself move in a very serpentine manner, which hints at the presence of the Danites among the founders of this style of architectural design.

spine flex sepent

Again, the keystone of the structure, which is the mast (yasti) of the stupa or the axis mundi of the building is like the spine of temple. This spine helps conducts energies through the body/temple.

spine is the keystone vowel sounds and chakra tones

The spine conducts energies/chakras/frequencies/electricity through the body.

Jacobs ladder-tower of babel

Just as Jacob saw angels ascending and descending from the gate heaven, Jacob’s Ladder (symbolic of the human backbone) also sends messengers/messages (electrical impulses) from the gate of heaven (the Gab H1354/3rd eye pineal gland) to the earth/the human body.

jacobs ladder DNA backbone djed

Jacob’s ladder is the spine/axis mundi of the Earth and the human bodies of the Israelite and gentile followers of Christ, who yield their vessels to the influence of the spirit of the Most High God, I AM. According to scripture, God does not dwell in temples made by the hands of men but his church is the human bodies of those same Israelites and gentiles who yield their will to his, and Christ is the cornerstone of the temple (Ephesians 2:20). However, for pagan temples and the bodies of those who yield their mind’s to the Anti-Christ, the keystone/cornerstone or spine of their build is the backbone of the god Ptah/Osiris.

djed backbone osiris high voltage insulators like died

The Egyptian Djed is similar is shape and function to modern high voltage insulators. The spinal cord directs and insulates electric signals from the brain to the body in the same way that the Djed and high voltage insulators do.

brain full spectrumvisual light spectrum light show spectrumchakra spine3rd eye spine chakras subtle body diagram eastern philosophy djed technology

The Djed channels the energy of Osiris/Nimrod/Orion into the building.

keystone sentral pillar

In fact, not only does the Djed channel the energy of Osiris/Nimrod/Orion into the building but the building themselves are shaped as Osiris also. The shape of the building/antenna helps to facilitate the transfer of energy on a specific frequency so that it is not confused with others. Because of this, the dimensions of the building must be precise and the lesser temple on earth must be an exact copy of some greater temple in heaven in order for the fractal oscillation of energy to occur successfully. Read SQUARING THE CIRCLE to get a better understand HERE.

- All-That-Is Waving in Resonance with the Vibes, By Llan Starkweather, PG 56djed column

The Djed is shaped as the body of Osiris. The Djed is shaped like the body of Osiris so that it will can readily receive his energy.

osiris djed died eyes of osiris djed osiris eyes jay z album died

Jay-Z’s album cover appears to depict the Djed, indicating that he is initiated into masonic mysteries of mind control. Beyond that awareness, perhaps Jay-Z used the Djed to signify that he channeled the power of the god and has become Osiris incarnate.

osiriform djed osiris djed buddha osiris The Osiriform Djed is similar in form and function to the stupa of Buddha. The eyes of Osiris on the Djed are reflected on the stupa by the Harmika with Buddha’s eyes.

buddha stupa

The energies of specific celestial bodies that are channeled into the temple of Osiris/Baal effectively transform the minds and bodies of the individuals exposed to the energy. The shape of the building, in this example, a stupa or gab H1354, magnifies that energy inside of the temple chamber and quickens the process of “enlightenment”. This enlightenment can be defined as a unification of the mind and body of man (the human/physical temple) with the mind and body of the spirit/god/energy of the temple. These temples are typically built in specific locations that align with particular energies that aid the process of transformation and enlightenment.

buddha spine central pillar

Long exposure to the energy emanating from the alignments has a physical effect on the body, especially during times of peak energy. Peak flows of energy occur at the summer and winter solstices as well as May Day on the St Michael and St Mary Alignments. These levels of energy become even more intense, during high sunspot activity coinciding with the solar cycles, as well as the alignments of the moon and inner planets.

saint michael alignmentBy chance or design some people, due to their proximity to the alignments, are more influenced by its energies. Perhaps in the distant past this was planned for spiritual leaders, like druidic priests – key occurrences of their lives such as conception, birth and spiritual initiation occurred at strategic locations along the alignments, such as Avebury, during times of peak energy activity. For them, their body’s cells are exposed to a maximum level of energy. The very liquid crystal structure of billions of cells within their bodies resonates with the energy emanating from the fault lines.

water holds memory cymatics God spoke and create by Word cymatic designs frequency harmonic lattice phi geometry high frequency chakra tones frequency designThe energy from the Earth rises up through the body along the spiralling Kundalini and influences the Chakra points.

RisingKundaliniBlueSmallClear[1] The most obvious change is the development of the pineal gland. Spiritualists call this the development of their Brow Chakra or Third Eye. These people are often powerful clairvoyants.” – St Michael and St Mary Alignment: Environmental Influences on the Cell and Geology 

yoruba 3rd eye

 The Hindu/Buddhist stupa’s are buildings designed to bathe the body in certain celestial and terrestrial energies to transform the mind and body. This transformation occurs through the development of Brow Chakra/Gab H1354 or the Third Eye. The temple stuctures of Borobudur in Indonesia are a prime example of how temples (i.e. stupa) are designed and used to facilitate enlightenment for adepts and initiates of Hinduism/Buddhism.

buddha stupa transcendence chamberborobudur buddha stupa transcendence chambers transcendence chamber

The light protruding through the diamonds shaped openings of stupas seem to be indicative of the Vajra (diamond/thunder) that enlightens the individual with the knowledge of Lucifer who fell to the earth like lightning. Like lightning, the energy seeks the quickest and easiest route to the ground and can be channel through human minds/bodies in order to effect change in the earth.

lightning vajra activates transcendence chamberSee YanZi blind parents King Zhou YanZi Buddha Cave 299 Mogao Grottoes by East, North Phi 114.国王见睒子盲父母 北周 佛说睒子经 莫高窟299窟 窟顶东、北披buddha transcendence lighttranscendence chamber 2stupa channels celestial energy3rd eye openstupa axis stupa axis 2 stupa backbone buddha stupa diagram stupa chakra stupa diagram cup of stylists

The Laver of Water of Purification refers to the Waters of Binah, the Female Power refelcted in the Waters of Creation.” (p. 61 GD Second Knowledge Lecture) In the Practicus Ritual, the symbolism of the Stolistes, the Cup of Water is discussed

The Cup of the Stolistes partakes in part of the Symbolism of the Laver of Moses and the Sea of Solomon. On the Tree of Life, it embraces nine of the Sephiroth, exclusive of Kether. Yesod and Malkuth form the triangle below, the former the apex, the latter the base. Like Caduceus, it further represents the Three Elements of Water, Air and Fire. The Crescent is the Water which is above the Firmament, and the Triangle the consuming Fire below, which is opposed to the Celestial Fire symbolized by the upper part of the Caduceus.

The original Laver of Moses (“And you shall make a laver of copper, and its pedestal of copper…” (Ex. 30:18)) was one of the details of the Tabernacle revealed to Moses on Mount Sinai. It was made from the melted down copper mirrors of the righteous women of Israel. It is used in the temple by the priests to purify themselves before entering the holy place… The Cup of Stolistes holds Lustral Water. The word lustral comes from the Latin lustratio meaning purification” – Ace of Cups

stupa elements channeling higher energies

Nicola Tesla and many other scientist/physicist view consciousness as a process of resonance into the body. The body acts as an antenna or transceiver:

 transceiver definition vitruvian diagram vitruvian diagram 2 superconscious stupa crown antenna lightning rod mandala

The Amanda Temple (LFT) channeling the heavens into the temple. The temples floor plan matches the shape of the mandala (RT) it channels.

crown antennasorin antenna

The stupa’s mast/antenna channels toroidal stacked plasma energy into the Gab H1354 eminent place/dome chamber of the temple. The picture above is a “sorin”. A Sorin (Japanese name for the mast of a pagoda) is the name of the nine-ringed spire on the top of a pagoda, which is believed to gather all light and positive spirits.


“Plasma discharges, z-pinches, toroids and toroidal stacks, petroglyphs from Europe and America the above plasma discharge toroid images are taken from Anthony L Peratt’s great paper Characteristics for the Occurrence of a High-Current, Z-Pinch Aurora as Recorded in Antiquity.


Does this show how the lines of the Djed could have been inspired by a plasma disharge and the toroids?” – Everything Electric

died power line djed marx generatorThe Djed-like King’s chamber of Giza Pyramid (LFT) and (RT) a Marx generator used for testing high voltage power transmission components at TU Dresden, Germany

russian haarpThis is a Marx Generator and is capable of generating sparks in the tens of millions of volt range. It duplicates lightning.

russian tesla array haarp antennae haarp antenna array temple antenna arrayThe stupa are arrayed like a Tesla HAARP antenna field

roofs of cameroon

Similar architecture can be found in Cameroon

stupa antenna array stupa golden antenna riffle tower vajra The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

bantu origin crown chakra antenna

Just like the Stupa antennae, the conical headgear was used to channel energy into the mind to activate the 3rd eye and vitalize the body. Notice the concentric recursive/fractal shape of the headgear in comparison to the stupa mast/antennae.

ajanta cave stupa z pinch radiographsrussian harp fractal pagoda comparissonLFT: Russian HAARP, RT: Chinese Pagoda.

7 up commercial antennae signals antenna transciever pagoda temple tower recursive energy diffusionlightning-demand-building-worlds-largest-tesla-coils.w654 russian high voltage tower pagodaLFT: Russian high voltage Tesla tower, RT: Tianning Pagoda

Pagoda Forest of Shaolin Temple, ChinaPagoda Forest of Shaolin Temple, China

bali templeBali Temple

9 peaks thai tattooGao Yord the 9 peaks or spires. The geometric design represents the 9 sacred peaks of Mt. Meru and contain 9 symbol images of Buddha on Mount Yungdrung’s pyramid of 9 Swastikas

burmese stupasborobudur temple Borobudur in Java, Indonesia

golden antenna Shwedagon Pagoda

lightning rod antenna Burj Khalifa in Dubai

antenna broadcast signal The Yasti mast/sorin/antenna of the temple or stupa that is believed to gather all light and spirits, can then transfer that energy to other buildings in the surrounding area.

8E8D99EFC5B0FB118BA926132E1540prayer flags transfer energy from antenna

And of thy garments thou didst take, and deckedst thy high places with divers colours, and playedst the harlot thereupon: the like things shall not come, neither shall it be so.” – Ezekiel 16:16

The prayer flags of the stupa that are connected to the antenna mast of the temple are attached to other buildings and homes surrounding the temple. The prayer flags transfer the celestial energy channeled through the axis mundi and distribute it to all locations connected to main building.

prayer flags diverse colors in high placeschakra 1 Even if you split up and disperse your chakra…

chakra 2as long as you keep even a little bit there without putting it out…

chakra 3When the original body infuses chakra again to regain control…

chakra 4All the individual chakra bits begin resonating and link together…

prayer flags chakra ezekiel 16 16

Prayer flags carrying the cosmic energy/chakra from the temple in the center to all buildings and homes connected on the periphery. They all can resonate together on the same frequency when connected like this.

chakra distribution prayer flags chakra distribution 1internet chakra networkiamthevine500djed antenna electric antenna energy diffusion stupa antenna networkWat Phra Si Sanphet in the city of Ayutthaya (Bangkok) in Thailand

radio signal stupa antenna 1 stupa antenna 2 buddha conical stupa crown thailand stupa crown stupa crown 2 stupa crown 3

The conical crown channels the energy of energy frequency of Nimrod/Osiris/Baal/Buddha and the wearer becomes the embodiment/temple of the god. The knowledge of how to unite/resonate with a god/energy was guard secret and perhaps adds another aspect to the idea of “divine right” of rulership. In the Hindu/Buddhist practice of Vastu Shastra, it is believed that the temple not only is symbolic of the house of the deity on earth but it is the actual deity itself. The human body is a temple, so, adorning it in certain regalia will change the shape/reception of the antenna and temple/body. This will allow the body to channel a particular energy frequency, through oscillation, transforming the human bod/temple into the deity. This is one way that god-kings ruled by divine right or divine rite, for on certain people possessed the divine knowledge/mysteries of metaphysics and occult rites.

buddha kundalini energy channelled israelite brought stupa technology

The Israelites (as the Egyptians and later the Phoenicians/Scythians) actually introduced this spiritual science to the whole world. The conical crown is one of many evidences that support this fact.

african hair antenna spire styleafrican hair style antenna spire stupa birkeland current world tree axis mundistupa hairstyle from israelite bantu phoenicians

buddha antennastupa head 2stupa head 1stupa head 3


temple body of deity

A sacred structure such as a temple is designed to be not just the home of God, but the actual body of God. The building is sacred because it is the Deity directly… Design a building by aligning the universe on the inside with the universe on the outside, knowing that the whole is within, and you control the forces of the universe within that building.” – Hindu Architecture: Vaastu Shastra, Devasthanam website of the Sanskrit Religions Institute

The temples around the world are aligned with evil forces (the rulers of darkness in high places) associated with the Antichrist. In the case of the stupas, they are designed in the shaped of Osiris/Nimrod seated on a throne and therefore, they channel the energy necessary to invoke his presence into the temple.

baal stupa 1 baal stupa 2 baal stupa 3 baal stupa 4 phoenician conical hat baal stupa 5 baal stupa 6 infinite recursion universe inside

Anyone standing inside of these temples filled with certain energies will be under the influence of these energies. These energies can have various effects upon the human body however the most common effect is the opening of the 3rd eye to demonic forces. These demonic forces can posses the human body and give an individual they’ve joined with spiritual powers (Hindu Siddhas, intelligence, magic).

For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.” – Revelations 16:14

pagoda nesting box energy electric body nervoflashihgsystem-1Old-Hebrew-Kufbrain transceiver stupa temple alignmentAngkor Vat, Angkor, Cambodia, 12th century

cathedral spire antennae  Chartres Cathedral, Chartres, France c.1205-1272

Just as the temples of the East were used to channel celestial energy to help facilitate enlightenment (nirvana/bodhi) and spiritual communion/union with Baal, the western temples were designed to do the same. One particular temple in western Europe, Rosslyn Chapel, was designed with resonant chambers of increasingly higher higher frequencies. These frequencies, which can be imagined as the visual spectrum or the eastern chakra system, are spread across a musical octave built into the chapel’s twelve six-foot steps along the seventy-two-foot interior length. Perhaps the seventy two foot interior length, that is associated with the kundalini chakra system, is also associated with the Shemhamphorasch. The Shemhamphorasch associated with kabbalah and consist of the names of 72 angelic/demonic forces. It would seem that Rosslyn Chapel’s 12 steps along the 72 foot interior floor would indicate an individuals progression through the 12 zodiac wheel of forture/life and the 72 angelic/demonic forces under the authority of the 12 zodiac kosmokratores that are spoken of in the Testament of Solomon and in Ephesians 6:12

RosslynGoldenMeans 72star Shemhamphorasch goetia rossylm chapel octaveThe chapel resembles a giant musical key board that plays from low to high frequency or from base to crown chakra.

rossyln chapel

The Shekinah purple ratio in the Rosslyn Chapel Floor Plan.

seven chakras 2chakra tonescolor wheel visual spectrum seven major chakrasound musicsound visible through cymaticsSounds of the Chakras RisingKundaliniBlueSmallClear[1] chakra keyboard cymatics_chakra chartres-cathedral-chakras rossyln etching mount meru stupa vedic temple antenna pyramid power

In conclusion, it should be understood that the earth is the gab H1354 eminent place of all creation and mankind, being created from the earth itself (Genesis 2:7), is the microcosm of that eminent creation (man is made in the image of Elohim [Genesis 1:26]). The human body is a temple (1 Corinthians 3:16) and the most holy place of the human temple is the pineal gland inside of the brain. Again, the human body is a microcosm of the earth. The most holy place of the earth is Jerusalem, Israel (Genesis 28:17, Galatians 4:6) and that is the location the Most High chose to have his only house ever made—Solomon’s Temple. Inside of the temple, the most holy place held the Ark of the Covenant (the throne of God).

However, we have discovered that temples (including the Human body) also function as transceivers, able to send and receive energy. A transceiver is a form of antenna and like and antenna, it can tune it is capable of tuning into a many different frequencies of the wavelength spectrum. Each frequency produces a different form of energy that can be received by the temple(s) having their own particular effects, respective to the variety of frequency. This energy is channel by the temple/antenna into the most holy place of the temple, which is the throne of a god or, in the case of the human body, the mind. It is in this location that the divine energy/influence enters into the physical realm. The energy of the human temple enters through the mind, and the mind then controls the body by sending the messages (electrical nervous impulses) down the spinal cord/column.

In comparison to the temple of earth, the gate of heaven in where the energy from heaven enters the earth (the axis mundi directly above Jerusalem/Mount Zion) and by God’s messengers, the angels, the energy descends down Jacobs ladder into the body which is the temple of Jerusalem. We also know that that temple is the Israelites and gentile nations grafted into the body of Jerusalem—those who sigh and cry at the abominations taking place in the earth (Zechariah 2:1-2, Ezekiel 9:4). However, many other temples exist in the Earth that are not in tune with the frequency of the Most High God.

Temples constructed to venerate alternative gods are found around the world in abundance. In fact, all temples found around the world are constructed to venerate alternative gods because the creator God, the God of the Hebrew Israelites, says that he does not dwell in temples made by the hands of men (Acts 17:24-25, Isaiah 66:1). These temples are used to unite the minds of people with other gods. These temples are often aligned with specific celestial bodies to channel those energies down into the throne of the mind. The mind controls the body and if evil spirits are seated in the throne of the mind’s eye, the pineal gland, the body will be influenced to do the will of that evil spirit. As a result of this understanding, we must be very careful of what we allow into our mind through our vision.


The eyes are the windows to the soul and the images and experiences that we bring before our eyes and our body (the antenna) will affect our spirit/energy. The Holy Bible tells us that bad company corrupts good character (1 Corinthians 15:33), because the energy and information that we surround ourselves with directly influence our own energy; changing affecting our very thoughts and actions.

wi_antenna rule the air 1 strong signal 1 rule the air 2 rule the air 3 satan fall to the earth like lightning Ephesians 2:2-3  The Prince and Power/Ruler of the Air, Ephesians 2:2-3

satan prince of the air rule from the air

The Prince of the Air can his name in clever ways in order to indirectly influence you. The Prince of the Air = Baal = Lord of the Air = the Fresh Prince of Bel(Baal)-Air

fresh prince baal airprince of baal air 2nicki 3rd eye mental throne 1 Nicki Minaj (as Asherah/Ishtar/Lust/Thelema) seated on the throne of the mind with angels of death as her covering cherubim.

nicki 3rd eye mental throne 2 nicki 3rd eye mental throne 3 send a strong signal V4VICTORY_009 verizon evil eye satan prince of air

We must all be very careful what/whom we choose to align ourselves with and the thoughts we allow to enter/rule our minds.

“Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ” – 2 Corinthians 10:5

For the subject is essential to everyone who is seeking knowledge, and in addition it includes the praise of the highest virtue — I mean, of course, rational judgment. If, then, it is evident that reason rules over those emotions that hinder self-control, namely, gluttony and lust, it is also clear that it masters the emotions that hinder one from justice, such as malice, and those that stand in the way of courage, namely anger, fear, and pain.” – 4 Maccabees 1:2-4

“Now when God fashioned man, he planted in him emotions and inclinations, but at the same time he enthroned the mind among the senses as a sacred governor over them all.” – 4 Maccabees 2:21-22

brain antenna signal

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