The Eminent Eye of the Mound PART II of II

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The Eminent Eye of the Mound PART II of II: The Gab H1354 eminent place of the Temple/Body

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In this second part to the ‘Eminent Eye of the Mound’ blog, we will look a various images that are related to the Gab H1354. By default, these locations are all places of worship. The Gab mound mimics the Human Eye, bringing images into focus for the mind.

human eye diagram CrystalensAnimated observatory dome gab mound shape magnify circularium

The Circularium is used to channel the distant and infinite energy of the universe into focus inside of a finite space. This mimics the human eye which brings infinite light (information) into focus for the mind. Different information/light can change one’s perception.

infinite channeled into finite

Holographic projection domes are great examples of how the mound or dome shaped Gab can function like the human eye. Distant and imaginary objects can be manifested in the mind through the vision/image of the eye.

dome projectionholovis holodomeholovisdigital projection
micoy_applicationMain hologram dome

There is a holographic video dome in San Francisco that displays vivid images to the upward gazing audience below.

CORAZON Lightshow Under the Dome 1CORAZON Lightshow Under the Dome 2CORAZON Lightshow Under the Dome 3

This holographic show is projected from a lens at the center of the cupola roof-top of the mall. The perspective from the bottom floor viewing upward appears as though one is looking into a recursive portal with an eye in the center.

westfied-mall fractal levels fractal cuppola eye infinite abyss westfield-san-francisco portal vortex Westfield san francisco centre 131236280.u1O8H8Gu.San.Franci_o_exif

This holographic ‘eye’ that projects various images that focus ideas/messages into the mind’s eye of the viewers is very similar to the eye of the great red dragon that deceives the whole world.

hologram roofinformation eye information eye 2

The audience is literally looking into the eye of deceit and aligning their mind’s eye (3rd eye) with the Serpent’s mind.

tumblr_mbr3wzGE4E1rgszodo1_1280 tumblr_mqhpn6oYhJ1r3rdh2o1_500 mk ultra mind control information hologram roof 2 animated_fractal__portal_by_theemerald-d4a85p8hypnotized mindhuman visual spectrumspectrumrainbow serpent sine wave of lightbaphomet Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 7.07.48 PMkundalini cosmic serpent alignment focal point

The entertainer on stage is highlighted by the spotlight, defining them as the light and focal point of the eye/stadium/gab. If that light/entertainer of the eye be dark, how great is the darkness that enters into the human bodies through the inspired eyes fill the seats of the stadium-temple? Many celebrity entertainers are often aligned with dark forces (ie. kundalini), whether knowingly or unknowingly and their fame hypnotizes the minds of the masses making it easier for their minds to be influences to adopt the value system of the Beast.

eye on stagecosmic joker eyestadium of light eyeeye ball portal of light light eyecelestial light info observatory

Man-made gabim (eminent places constructed by the hands of men) are used to channel the focused energy of the Destroyer (Satan). CERN’s headquarters for the stargate is a prime example of a man-made gabim H1354 (sacred mound) that serves the aforementioned purpose.


Notice the Gab H1354 mound shape, which marks Cern’s Headquarters as an eminent place. Like the 3rd eye Pineal Gland of the brain, it is also a portal to other realms.

stargate 1stargate 2stargate 3 Portal 1 nexusae0_portal portals fractal hidden portals gate of the mind StargateSG1S01E01-02ChildrenoftheGods_1-1 stargate universe shiva stargate cern octagontumblr_n767qc1ZEe1s4fz4bo1_500cern three six 36cern 3rd eye gateway open death on thronecern stargate abaddon shiva destroyer apollyon shive destroyer abaddoncern gab mound CINE-globe-Logo-NEW-FR-400 Globe cern mound

Sports & Entertainment Stadiums (gabim) and the 3rd Eye

Gabim H1354 can be constructed in various mound-like shapes that can also be referred to as domes. Many stadiums and arenas are shaped as domes.

under the dome digital sky oita bank dome japan xbox fan video dome mercedes benz superdome

Their shape and function make them synonymous with Gab eminent places.

domes National Centre for the Performing Arts national grand theater beijing chinaworld largest video domePacific Theatre’s Cinerama Dome in Hollywood, Californiagridshell lattice dome

revelation 18:2ASM International Headquarters and Geodesic Domenaomi campbells eco homehollywood bowl mound stage gab shape

The Gab mound is also depicted in many sports and entertainment arenas during ritual performances. These performances use the mound to represent the 3rd Eye of Satan being aligned with, and enlightening the 3rd Eye of the Stadium (and all it’s spectators).

 Beijing 2008 Olympic Opening CeremonyBeijing 2008 Olympic Opening Ceremony

London 2012 Opening CeremonyLondon 2012 Opening Ceremony

eye dome centerAll who focus their attention upon these ritual performances receive the light of Lucifer into their mind’s eye; the pineal gland/3rd Eye Gab H1354.

eye centerfield eye gab pineal gland dark gab enlightened london olympic 3rd eye gab h1354 mound gab london olympics gab mound london olympic observatory video dome light of lucifer gablight of lucifer iyshown enlightened iyshown pupil eye crownThe stadium dome is symbolic of the dome/head of the temple’s deity and the pineal gland is in the center of mind—the mind’s eye.

gab on fire philosophusiyshown eye gab at center phoenix gabThe Fire/Thunderbolt of the Philosophus Sign/Vajra and the ‘electric’ performance of the entertainer(s) ignites the mind’s eye and rebirths it into a new creature. This new creature is formed from the ideas and values that are subliminally imbedded into the mind during the performance, show, game or ritual. The audience’s minds become enlightened by the light and influence of Lucifer. The Phoenix in the London Olympic ceremony was symbolic of the new mentality and life created from the destruction of the old one. The Phoenix, also symbolic of Lucifer, can also represent the Great Red Dragon/Plumed Serpent being seated on the throne of the mind’s eye.

mound otooto window

The stained glass window in Holy Family Roman Catholic Church, Annacloy Road, Teconnaught/Annacloy, County Down, Northern Ireland, looks exactly like the logo of the occult organization Ordo Templi Orientis. The Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) uses the dove in it’s logo to mimic the Holy Spirit. There dove is obviously not the Holy Spirit of God the Father that descended upon Christ the son in whom he was well pleased, but rather, the dove of the OTO symbolizes the spirit of Lucifer/Satan, the Prince of the Air, that descends upon the pineal gland/3rd eye of men. The rituals and performances held inside of stadiums around the world help facilitate this Lucifer influence over the people.

eye stadium center wings of vatican egypt madonnafig3 Super Bowl stage wings beyonce stage janus 3rd eye 3rd eye face to face angel eye motorcycle head light eye center stage dragons eye triquetra trinity triquetra triskelion dragons eye as above so below eye alignment dragons eye 1 red dragon the devil lucifer eye of the sky chinese eye stadium eye of the beast dubai eye stadium door of eye window to soulThe eye is the window or gateway to the soul

eye on all the spectators eye of sauron anigif_enhanced-28256-1422936680-2 eye of the stadiummercedes logo dragons eye staring down from aboveeye of the stadium 1eyeball of center stageRituals are performed during stadium events to harvest the crowds energy in order to open portals to evil forces. The main goal is to gather energy to resurrect Osiris/Nimrod/Abaddon/Satan.

lucifer eyelight openingabaddon rise from pit abyssdarkness returnseye on prize lucifer wants to rise galactic eye of providence darpa all seeing eye all seeing eye trinity hypnotized minds from sky mind exchange channeling eye-of-sauron-gif-1268291 Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 11.07.28 AM channeling lucifers universal energy galactic eye meditation cbs all seeing eyestadium eyeball alignment light entering eyeimages roman colosseum eye shaped jambudvipa jambudvipa compared to stadium and eyeJambudvipa (the earth as envisioned in cosmologies by Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism) looks like a bird’s-eye-view of a circular stadium encompassing a square, measured field.

birds eye view of stadium jambudvipaark yin yang bangThe principles of architecture used to construct stadiums are very similar to ancient Indian Vastu Shastra construction techniques used to design hindu temples and the similarity in the appearance of the stadium with the visual representation of Jambudvipa allow us to observe the function of modern stadiums that host various events. The opposing teams and their respective fans provide the energy required to be offered to a god/spirit in a dynamo-like process. Like a turbine, the opposing forces, symbolized by the teams, competing against one another to establish their authority and influence, create the friction and energy that is directed to specific areas in the heavens. The directed energy is symbolized by the light leaving/entering the stadium’s eye. The eye shape of the stadium is a representation of the Gab H1354 eminent place of the body’s temple, the mind’s eye/pineal gland.

stadium open eye light eye animation eyelight stadium eye lens camera eye lens camera 1 stadium eyeball shapeEveryone insider the dome receives the focused light of Lucifer (The Dragons Eye). Their ‘Eye’ (3rd Eye) is then connected with the 3rd Eye/Gab H1354 of the Dragon (The Evil Eye), which allows the Serpent to control the masses through influence and suggestion. The crowd becomes clones of the hive mind.

evil eye hive mind group think collective conscious stadiums eyes skylight roman colosseum eyes evil eye stadium light focused skylight stadium eye spectators retina eye stadium light enterschina_national_supercomputer_center_508-100395245-origNSA and GCHQ's giant Cheltenham facilityNSA and GCHQ’s giant Cheltenham facility

Israel Museum vortex zero point energy channeled israel museum entrance abyss skylight wormhole portal squaring the circle universe into mind london olympic stadium eye light all seeing eye evil eye stadium eye open mount meru axis mundi

In the Vedic conception of the cosmos this Capricorn-Cancer axis is known as “Mount Meru” – the pillar which supports and connects the heavens with the Earth. It is the central axis in Vedic temple architecture and is equivalent to the “Solar Ray” in the Mother’s temple design, which falls down the shaft into the Globe and Pedestal.” – Aeon Group

mount meru 1Channeling the energy of the Hindu Mount Meru into the event area.

mount meru 2 mount meru 3 mount meru 4as above so below eye metabody spirit channelled into stadium stadium eye center 2 hive mind 3 stadium eye examples stadium eye examples lasik_anim

The earth is given into the hand of the wicked: he covereth the faces of the judges thereof; if not, where, and who is he?” – Job 9:24

Woe unto them that seek deep to hide their counsel from the LORD, and their works are in the dark, and they say, Who seeth us? and who knoweth us?” – Isaiah 29:15

“He hath said in his heart, God hath forgotten: he hideth his face; he will never see it.” – Psalms 10:11

“A man that breaketh wedlock, saying thus in his heart, Who seeth me? I am compassed about with darkness, the walls cover me, and no body seeth me; what need I to fear? the most High will not remember my sins: Such a man only feareth the eyes of men, and knoweth not that the eyes of the Lord are ten thousand times brighter than the sun, beholding all the ways of men, and considering the most secret parts.” – Sirach 28:18-19

“But if a man walk in the night, he stumbleth, because there is no light in him.” – John 11:10

“And thou sayest, How doth God know? can he judge through the dark cloud?” – Job 22:13

Yet they say, The LORD shall not see, neither shall the God of Jacob regard it.” – Psalms 94:7

Behold, the eyes of the Lord GOD are upon the sinful kingdom, and I will destroy it from off the face of the earth; saving that I will not utterly destroy the house of Jacob, saith the LORD.” – Amos 9:8

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